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Children's Eye Care

If your child is having difficulty with reading, seeing the board or with schoolwork in general, our eye care professionals can help identify and resolve any related vision problems. Our doctors recommend that all children have a comprehensive eye health exam by age 2 to help rule out any childhood eye disease or issues that may affect the development of good vision.

There are several key indicators that your child may have a learning-related visual problem. Please look over these few questions and answer “yes”, “sometimes”, “no”, or “does not apply” to each questions.

Does your child…

  • Perform below expected levels in school?
  • Have difficulty comprehending what he has read or reads slowly?
  • Take a long time to finish assignments?
  • Favor one eye by covering it or turning his head?
  • Have difficulty copying from a chalkboard or textbook?
  • Become tired after reading?
  • Avoid reading or other close work?
  • Report blurred or double vision with schoolwork or reading?
  • Report frequent headaches or eyestrain?
  • Have an eye that turns in or out?
  • Blink excessively or rub his eyes during or after close visual work?
  • Move his head back and forth instead of just his eyes while reading?
  • Frequently lose his place when reading or use his finger as a pointer?
  • Make frequent reversals such as “b” for “d”, “saw” for “was” or “14” for “41”?
  • Have difficulty catching or getting a ball, tying shoelaces or distinguishing right from left?